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Adobe Lightroom cc vs Lightroom Classic 2019

Which is the best version of Adobe Lightroom 2019 V9

Adobe has muddied the water by releasing two great versions of Adobe Lightroom – Classic and CC which leads to lots of confusion and the question of – what is the best version of Lightroom for photographers? Actually it is a very good question and one that is pretty straightforward to answer in my opinion.

You may be starting out in photography or have been editing with an alternative piece of software and have decided that now is the time to move onto Adobe Lightroom – well the good news is that both versions are very easy to use, you will pick either of them up very quickly and be producing some stunning images in no time. With regards to choosing which is the right piece of software, you need to really think about how you shoot and work.

In simple terms Lightroom CC is a great streamlined version for photographers who work across multiple devices (laptops, tablets, phones) whilst Lightroom Classic is a more comprehensive tool for photographers who are dealing with batches of images.

The video below is a very brief overview of the two Lightroom versions.

Now it is highly likely that you may actually be looking for a bit of everything in your photography editing package i.e. mobile editing with plenty of batch processing tools however we are still a little way off that at present if you are dealing with reasonably serious amounts of editing. Adobe is constantly providing new updates and features to both versions of the software so at some point we are likely to have everything in one package but not quite yet.

Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom CC is a stunning piece of software for users working across multiple devices and especially mobile devices. The software continues to develop and have new features added. If there was one criticism about the software it was that it lacked the ability to manage and edit batches of images. This is still a reasonable argument when compared to Lightroom Classic however Adobe has added the ability to copy and paste edits across multiple images so that argument is fading.

With Lightroom CC your original images are held in the cloud on Adobe servers so your images are effectively backed up and safe.

Adobe Lightroom Classic

The original Lightroom continues to impress – its ability to let you effortlessly edit your batches of images quickly and easily remains the best in class.

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