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Mentor-me Programme


Are you looking for a photography mentor that can provide you with the skills, knowledge & confidence to move your photography forward? If so then Unshaken Photography can help you.


Nick Wood is a professional photographer with a background in portrait, wedding, commercial and sports photography who mentors eight delegates each year providing on-going support, encouragement, drive and vision. It may be that you are simply looking for a photography mentor to develop your hobby or looking for a professional mentor in your drive to create a successful photographic career – either way Nick can help you.


Please give Nick a call on 01245 494258 or 078 666 78 688 to discuss your needs and aims.


professional photography mentor


Photography Mentor


Nick will help you to establish a development plan which can include looking at the technical, creative and commercial aspects of your photography.


If you are looking to become a professional photographer then working alongside Nick you will develop an action plan that helps move your business forward.  It is crucial that you establish a solid grounding in sales, marketing, pricing and available suppliers to ensure that you are creating a sustainable business.


If you are looking to develop your photography skills as a hobby then Nicks experience and keen eye will help you to enhance your success rate and to become more creative.


Contact Nick on 01245 494258 or 078 666 78 688 for more information and to arrange a meet up.


photography mentor in Chelmsford Essex

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