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Here at Unshaken photography we are very proud of the achievements of our past delegates and continue to work with people of a range of abilities and ambitions.  We have a 100% satisfaction rating from our clients – Here are a few details and testimonials from past delegates.


Past students have gone on to:

  • Win industry awards
  • Shoot international weddings
  • Gain professional qualifications
  • Increase portrait sales by over 500%
  • Increase wedding bookings by over 500%
  • Win lucrative commercial contracts
  • Establish successful businesses
  • Have fun


Here are a few profiles of past students and some kind words from them:


Alison Wood


Q1.  Why did you want photography training?

I’ve been taking landscape photos for some time but I wanted to start photographing people as well and I felt that I’d really benefit from some training before embarking on this next step.


Q2. Why did you choose Unshaken Photography?

Last Christmas, my boyfriend gave me a voucher for one of Nick’s courses at Unshaken Photography and I haven’t looked back. I went along to the first course and was struck immediately by Nick’s enthusiasm for photography and his relaxed yet informative teaching style. I knew pretty much straight away that I wanted to try to attend as many of Nick’s other courses as possible and I’ve been trying to fit in as many as I can over the past year.

Q3.  What have you gone on to do with your photography since attending your training? (e.g set up business, any awards / professional bodies joined etc, shot at a wedding or two…)

Before attending any of Nick’s courses I had already begun to sell some of my landscape photography, but I’d never had the confidence to promote myself as a ‘people’ photographer. I have now started my own wedding & portrait photography business and although it’s still early days, I got to photograph three weddings over the summer and have undertaken a number of family and commercial portrait assignments. This time last year I would never have imagined that I’d be in the position I’m in today with my photography and undoubtedly Nick has played an important role in helping me to achieve my dream.


Claire Graham


Claire Graham client logo









Q1.  Why did you want photography training


I wanted photography training to building up my wedding portfolio and to gain some insights into photographing a wedding.
Q2. Why did you choose Unshaken Photography?

I chose Unshaken Photography based on location, value for money and from contacting Nick who was very helpful with question I had before booking.

Q3.  What have you gone on to do with your photography since attending your training? (e.g set up business, any awards / professional bodies joined etc, shot at a wedding or two…)

Since attending a couple of courses with Unshaken Photography I have gone on to photography many weddings, some of which have been published in top wedding magazines,  photography for magazine features, became a member of SWPP, I am also the official photographer for a few bridal designers and manufactures.


Mike Newton

I had been doing photography in my spare time for about 8 years, recently decided to take it up as a profession, came across Unshaken Photography, liked what I read and chose the one years mentoring course. Very good tuition, access to model shoots – no more than 4 photographers at a time and good guidance given throughout. I’m about halfway through course, and due to this, have been able to secure a great job as a cruise ships photographer starting this month. Would not have been possible without the tuition given by Nick Wood, my mentor. Thank you Nick.

If you want to learn photography for a business, then you can’t go wrong with Unshaken Photography. You can keep a check on my job at my page – Mike Newton.


Andrew Plummer


Q1.  Why did you want photography training?
I’d had an interest in photography for several years. I was forever taking photos on my camera phone that were ‘ok’, but not great. The problem was, I didn’t know how to make the photos any better. I eventually took the plunge and bought myself a DSLR. Once I got it out of the box, I knew that I had two options – 1) use it for a bit and get bored of it because I still wasn’t getting the photos I wanted, or 2) find someone to show me how to use it properly!


Q2. Why did you choose Unshaken Photography?
There were several reasons I chose Unshaken – There was a beginners course running in Cambridge, which was easy for me to get to, also the course was for one day. Many of the other courses I found on the internet were evening classes – a couple of hours a week for ten weeks etc, and that didn’t fit around the irregular hours I work. What I also wanted was a course with other people who were at the same level as me – not to be the only beginner in a room full of ‘proper’ photographers and feel like I was constantly playing catch up!
Q3.  What have you gone on to do with your photography since attending your training? (e.g set up business, any awards / professional bodies joined etc, shot at a wedding or two…)
Where do I start? I really can’t believe the progress I’ve made. After attending the beginner’s course, I was hooked – I just had to know more. I did a couple more of Nick’s day courses, learning more about composition and taking creative shots, then working with a proper studio set up for the first time. It was round about then that I decided I wanted photography to be more than a hobby. I wanted it to become my career. I signed up for Nick’s mentoring scheme, and since then I haven’t looked back.
I’m now up to shooting a wedding and a portrait session a month on average. Paid work that clients are really pleased with. I’m well on the way to becoming a full time professional. The sessions with Nick have been invaluable – not just on the technical aspects of photography, but helping me establish a business and also giving me motivation to keep working hard at what I want to achieve. I’m also a member of the SWPP and entering competitions every month. I haven’t won anything yet, but give it time.
I’m the world’s least patient person – I want to be out shooting every day. I’m not yet, but I’m well on the way to doing this. I can’t believe the progress I’ve made in less than a year – I can actually call myself a proper photographer.
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