Portrait & fashion photography on location – Talliston House

The Ultimate on location portrait & fashion photography shoot – Tallison House, Essex

Build the portrait portfolio of your dreams


If you are looking to create stunning portrait and fashion photographs in the most amazing of locations then look no further. Talliston house based in Dunmow Essex offers an incredible selection of backdrops and locations for you to shoot all in one space. Over a period of 25 years a once normal house has been transformed into a series of thirteen totally individual sets for you to explore and shoot.


On our Talliston House location shoots you will have the opportunity to work with professional models and a makeup artist to create images beyond your wildest dreams. Each of the 13 locations has been carefully created to provide authenticity that will inspire you and leave you eager to return again.


location portrait shoot Essex


Each location day of shooting is limited to a maximum of six photographers to ensure that you receive plenty of time to shoot and also review your work. Nick Wood from Unshaken Photography will be attending the shoots to help with guidance on shooting, lighting, image reviews and post production.


The day is designed to give the photographers as much creative guidance as they wish with the emphasise being on experimentation and creativity. if you are looking to work on your style and creativity whilst creating a stunning portrait and fashion photography portfolio then this unique day is perfect for you. It is a rare opportunity to find such stunning locations to shoot at and an opportunity not to be missed.


location portrait shoot Essex - 2




10:00 meet-up, introductions, preparation and tour
10:30 Shoot 1, image review & critique
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Shoot 2, image review & critique
15:30 Finish




In order to make the most from your shoot then delegates should be able to use the core controls of their camera including ISO, apertures and shutter speed. This shoot is not designed to be a training course but more of an opportunity to shoot and experiment. Nick Wood from Unshaken Photography will be on hand to assist, shoot and help though where required.


To reserve your place on this programme please select your preferred date for the list below:


Please note:


The opportunity to shoot in such a wonderful location does present a couple of challenges including space. Photographers attending the shoot will be able to bring their cameras, lenses, laptops and tripods although no additional lighting beyond a camera mounted flash gun (you can use off camera). Space is at a premium and so instead Unshaken Photography will provide Elinchrom Quadras and an Ice-light so that equipment is kept to a minimum.


On any single shooting day we will be deciding upon the locations that will be shot – due to the variety of locations it will not be possible to shoot all of the locations so a decision will be made in advanced as to which locations will be used.


About Talliston House:


Twenty-five years in the making, the project has taken a three-bedroomed, semi-detached, ex-council house in Essex and transformed it into a wonderland of inspirational locations. Now we invite you to explore this unique interior design project, art installation and private home.


Yet the essence of the house is more than how it looks. It is also how it sounds, smells, tastes and feels. And while images of the house are astonishing, it is not enough to just see the house – instead you must experience it.


for more information on Talliston house, please visit here

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