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Great photography courses run in Chelmsford, Cambridge & Maidstone

Come and make the most of your camera on one of our photography training courses run in Chelmsford, Cambridge and Maidstone with small class sizes and on a 1:1 basis. Our courses have been running since 2009. Gift vouchers are available for you to treat yourself or a loved one.

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Make The Most Of Your Camera

Whether you are looking to move away from fully automatic or are starting out on a new career in photography either way we can help you out. Our beginners photography courses are run with small class sizes or on a 1:1 basis so you learn in a fun and relaxed environment. Our professional photography courses concentrate on the technical, creative and commercial aspects of the industry so your business can flourish.

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Nick Wood - lead tutor on our  photography courses

Hi, I am Nick the owner of Unshaken Photography Training. I am a full time working photographer who covers commercial, portrait, wedding and sports photography.

I started running photography courses from Chelmsford, Essex in 2009 and as demand grew so I started running them further afield. I started running photography courses in Cambridge in 2011 and then Maidstone and St Albans shortly after.

All of our courses are run with small class sizes with everyone starting from the same point so you can come along confident that you will learn an enormous amount.

We are have been running photography courses since 2009 and have trained over a thousand photographers. The majority of our courses are short one day programmes giving you the latest industry insights but explained in a really easy to understand way. At the end of the day photography is not complicated, and you can get up to speed very quickly. If you are looking to become a professional then developing your particular style is going to take some time and hard work but you can improve quickly.

You should not measure how good a course is by how long it lasts, we cover an enormous amount of content on our courses by keeping class sizes small and ensuring everyone has similar experience and skills when they join.

We have literally hundreds of great reviews which you can see on our Facebook page.

Our lead tutor Nick is a an award winning full time working photographer, he has worked for a variety of clients including Getty images, PA and Cambridge University Press. Additionally Nick holds professional qualifications in training and business.

What are your class sizes? We run our classes with a maximum of 10 delegates.

Can I borrow a camera? You sure can, we don’t even charge. On our beginners course we look at kit so you will leave better informed about what kit you will want to buy.

What courses do you offer? We offer a two beginners courses, portrait, wedding, sports, landscape and 1:1 days. We also have a mentoring programme.

Do you offer professional courses? Yes we sure do – about half of our delegates are looking to become professional photographers – our portrait and wedding courses teach you the technical, creative and commercial aspects of photography.

Do we get a certificate? You sure do once you finish the course.

Other companies offer a year long course or a diploma – how do your courses compare? As a professional photographer I have designed the courses that I wish i could have attended when starting out – classes are kept small and I don’t over complicate topics. Photography is not difficult! Modern cameras are brilliant, you need to understand the manual controls and the jargon. For beginners we cover the content of a year long programme with two days as our classes are significantly smaller and we cover the essentials without any padding.

Do you have another question – if so ask on the form below and we will get back to you as quick as we can?

Time to learn


If you would like to know more about what happens on one of our courses then enjoy a look at the video to the left to give you a brief insight – lots of learning, practice and fun. Going on a course can be daunting, but don’t worry we guarantee that you will enjoy it.

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