Kent photography training course

Photography courses in Kent

Photography courses in Kent

We have been running photography courses in Kent since 2010 and over the years our courses have changed considerably to keep up with evolving technology and demand. Our photography classes are run from Maidstone and Rochester – two stunning locations that provide us with enormous scope for shooting. We have a stunning studio on the outskirts of Maidstone whilst Rochester high street provides the perfect location for a days shooting.

Kent beginners photography course

Beginners photography courses in Kent

Our introductory beginners photography course is run from Maidstone, normally from our studio however due to Covid we have been running them from Mote park which is a stunning venue. For many people attending a course can be a worrying affair but we try to make our courses welcoming by running them with small class sizes and chatting to all delegates in advance. Our beginners modules are perfect for anyone starting out with a new camera embarking on a new hobby or a change in career.

We start our beginners courses by examining why you shouldn’t be using fully auto on your camera before getting into the more creative features of your camera.

On our second beginners module we spend the day in Rochester, enjoying a range of locations and applying everything that has been learnt. Rochester is a great venue for shooting, we are actually spoilt by it. It doesn’t matter what your interests in photography are, Rochester will help to deliver.

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Our day in Rochester is spent in the high street, park gardens, castle grounds and cathedral. Here are a few pictures captured by our students over the years.

Kent photography course
Rochester photography course

Learning to use your camera is not as difficult as most people tend to expect. As photographers, we do use some crazy terminology which you need to get your head around – such as ISO, apertures & shutter speed but overall getting to grips with your camera is a joy. Our courses are suitable for a range of cameras including DSLR, compact, bridge or mirrorless whilst it also doesn’t matter if you are using Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony or any other brand.

I really enjoy seeing the joy on peoples faces when I run through some of the core techniques. Before lunch delegates understand the problems of using fully automatic and are already much better photographers. In Rochester we tend to get a good mix of attendees including complete beginners, those starting out with a new hobby and also those looking to start up a new career in photography.

Professional photography courses in Kent

I run a range of courses aimed towards those looking to become professional photographers. To attend any of these courses, students should have attended a beginners photography course and have a basic knowledge of working their camera. I run professional portrait, commercial and sport courses in Kent either in small groups or on a 1:1 basis. Due to the small class sizes, and bespoke nature of the subjects courses are run all over including Maidstone, Canterbury, Rochester, Sevenoaks and Tonbridge.

What separates out the professional courses from the others is the strong focus on the commercial aspects of running a photographic business. On these courses we look at topics including pricing, business planning sales processes, products and suppliers – all essential subjects for anyone trying to be successful with a photographic business.

professional photography course in Kent

Portrait photography classes in Kent

I run an introduction to studio photography course from our studio in Maidstone as well as a portraits on location course in Mote park and Rochester High Street. These courses are perfect for either a hobby or professional photographers. Being able to take great portraits is a real joy and a skill that I love sharing with others. You can quickly get up to a good level of portrait photography but it does take time to really develop your skills and own style.

On both of our portrait courses I use professional models so that delegates get to develop great portfolios. I mix up the models as we tend to get returning customers looking to expand on their portfolios and skills.

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1:1 photography in Kent

I have to say that getting out and spending a day teaching someone on a 1:1 basis is a real privilege and joy. I have been teaching photography for over 12 years and in that time photography has taken me to some wonderful places. On a 1:1 day I discuss with the attendee what they would like to shoot and if they have any particular locations in mind, and then we go and do it. I have travelled to Canterbury, Rochester, Dungeness and Folkestone having great days and helping people out.

The agenda on a 1:1 day is kept fluid and tailored to the needs of the attendee so I am often having to really think as we go along but that is part of the fun.

Dungeness photography

Commercial photography workshops in Kent

I have been fortunate to have worked with a large number of companies and brands in Kent over the years and I hope to for years to come. Commercial photography doesn’t often appeal to new photographers but I love it. I find the variety of the subject most interesting and the variety suits my personality (and attention span).

Most of my work is not based around product photography but tends to cover events, head shots or producing content for digital marketing.

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