Portraits photography course

Beginners Portrait Photography Course


£145 – A contemporary approach to taking stunning people portraits.


This wonderful portrait photography course will introduce you to a range of techniques that will allow you to start taking stunning portraits either for a hobby or starting out on a new and exciting career.  Over the day you will be taught the underlying principles of taking great people photographs along with the creative approaches that you can adopt to create images with impact. Conveniently run from Chelmsford in Essex and Maidstone in Kent this is the perfect course for beginners.


During the course of the day you will look at the fundamental principles of portrait photography, experiment with studio lighting and you will shoot and direct a professional model leaving  with a batch of great images. We go on to explore posing techniques and the use of Lightroom to create portraits with impact.


We will also look at the equipment used to capture great shots before going onto discuss the commercial side of the business by looking at products in the market place and recommended suppliers. You will leave the portrait course excited with your new found skills and enthusiasm to take more.



  • Digital photography lighting equipment
  • Key lighting setups
  • Portrait composition
  • Directing your subjects / Posing – ladies, men, children
  • Using light modifiers (soft-boxes & umbrellas) for dramatic effects
  • Post production / editing portraits
  • Commercial aspects of a successful portrait business – marketing, sales & pricing


This is the perfect course to start taking professional level portraits.  During the programme you will explore the technical, creative and commercial aspects of taking stunning portraits.   By the end of this programme you will be able to setup and use studio lights in your home or studio to create wonderful portraits.

Please note that we do offer a great discount if this course is booked alongside our lifestyle portrait course – call Nick on 01245 494258 to book both modules and save £20 on the cost of both



You will have undertaken a beginners course in photography or have a good understanding of apertures, shutter speed and ISO.


To book, please select a date from the relevant location box below, our portrait courses are run in Chelmsford in Essex and Maidstone in Kent.


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