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Top 10 tips & tools to drive customers to photographers websites

Top 10 tips and tools for photographers websites to gain traffic

As a working photographer the chances are that you are self employed and always keeping an eye on your website is a central cog in your marketing strategy.  It is important to understand fully the role that your website is playing within your business – is it used to generate leads? act purely as a brochure? an e-commerce site for converting leads to paid up clients? the list goes on.

Once you have defined its role and undertaken your keyword analysis then your next task is to ensure that you are driving traffic to it and so below I have listed some of the keys tasks, tips and tools I employ for maintaining a healthy position on Google and Bing (yes it is important)

(1) Blogging – no secret here – blogging is vital in the modern era – it helps to create fresh content which Google loves – it needs to be of great quality to ensure your prospective clients keep coming back.  it also gives you credibility as your clients view you as an expert.  Ensure you have a strategy and have planned out your blogs in advance.

(2) Social media – Google loves a little social buzz so you need to be active – pay attention to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked-In and YouTube – I use to manage most of these channels from one place otherwise it becomes too unwieldy and time consuming to manage (alternatively check out Crowdbooster) – again create a strategy to plan what content you are going to write about to ensure your customers keep coming back – you are looking to create interaction. is a great little tool for those of you trying to exploit the full potential of twitter – check it out, its reasonably cheap but offers a myriad of features.

(3) Pay – paying for leads is no bad thing, I have done it for years and it works just great.  You may not be time rich (if you are surely that is a bad thing).  PPC can get you seen quickly and can remain a core component of your marketing strategy.  As a photographer I find a great tool to help manage different campaigns on Facebook which I find yields greater results that Google adds at a better price

(4) Email marketing – ensuring that maintain a great database of your clients is vital – reselling to happy clients is far easier than finding new ones – monthly news letters helps spread the word of upcoming shoots, discounts and promotions.

(5) Discount vouchers – there are many ways to get the word spread that you are running promotions and special offers – leverage the advantages of Groupon and your friends.  Everytime you get a sale stuff a handful of vouchers into your clients hands for them to give to their family and friends – its old school but it works.

(6)  Networking – its old fashioned, takes time but it works.  get yourself out there and start talking to over companies.  You can’t beat a good breakfast networking group – but do be picky as some are better than others – you need the right mix for your business.  I have always found BNI good but you need to look around at the different groups for the right blend for you.  networking groups can help spread the work around about you and your business.  You will also be inspired by other peoples work.

(7) Keep shooting – you need to get your work out there – sign up to a number of photography sites and social networks such as, Model Mayhem and  let other snappers see your work, get inspired and if you pay up for the top level memberships you can add links through to your site.

(8) Understand your users needs and wants – Google analytics and web master tool as crucial weapons in your arsenal these days but take it a step further and ask your clients directly about their user experience (UX) – this is the key term in modern website development.  Take a look at SurveyMonkey – create a short questionnaire you send out to your past clients and you will be surprised at the results – you will make changes for the better.

(9) Create and share videos – Google loves Youtube and so should you. It offers you a real opportunity to put your products and services in front of your clients.  Create a YouTube page and then some video.  A simple tool like Animoto will take your images and produce stunning videos – a real winner.

(10) Local listings – make sure that you are setup to be found on local searches.  You need to have a Google+ account and then setup a business page.  Local searches continue to rise in value and prominence.  You will quickly jump to the top of the rankings and be found by more people.  Ensure you collect reviews including from Yelp.

If you ensure that you implement the tools and tips above you will see a steady increase in visitors to your site.  Google wants you to provide regular high level content which will draw more visitors – but these are good services to your clients and mean you are doing the right things.

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