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Stunning new portrait location shoot – Essex

Great location for portrait photography – Essex


As a photographer I am always looking out for the next great location at which to be able to shoot. Finding great models these days is easy thanks to the variety of agency and modelling social media sites such as Purpleport & Model mayhem however the constant need for more and more locations is a painfully hard task.


Recently however I came across a stunning location in the heart of Essex containing multiple great setups each of which provides a completely different and yet inspiring backdrop for great photography. I went to the site with a couple of models and a makeup artist to gain a first insight into using the location and here are a few of the results.

location portrait shoot Essex

location portrait shoot Essex - 2


It is always a fascinating learning experience working in new locations and this particular one proved no different.  The location is actually a single building which has been carefully transformed over a period of 25 years into the most amazing and captivating house that I have witnessed.  It is hard to believe that these images were taken inside a three bedroom semi-detached house that now consists of a series of themed locations.


Braintree Essex location shoot


Photographers are rightly so pretty protective about their locations and although they may share many things with other photographers, when it comes to locations they tend to get somewhat tongue tied.  You may have noticed on this post that I haven’t mentioned the location, well don’t worry we soon will be as we are going to be running regular events from there – to get to the top of the list drop me a note at [email protected]


Finding great locations for your photography


The internet now spoils us with tools that can help you find new locations.  There are so many tools that it is hard to know where to start so here are a few ideas


Tip#1 – Flickr – its an old chestnut but still a good one – get browsing

Tip#2 – stuckonearth app – great little app for finding locations

Tip#3 – Google Earth – before visiting anywhere see what information Google can provide

#Tip#4 – Facebook groups – lots of groups start up all the time, this is one of the best uses for Facebook


Join a local photography club – your local camera and photography club is a rich source of advice and information.  The chances are that many of the photographers there are hobbyists and keen to share information – they may even organise events that you can attend.


Drive & get lost – speaks for itself


braintree location photography


Get on a location based photography course – Obviously I would say that however it remains true that photographers will know some good locations, if they don’t run courses then check out their blogs to see if they mention anything or contact them and offer to second shoot.


A couple of points on selecting locations for portrait shoots


Remember when you go out looking for locations that on the day of the shoot you may need to get models, make-up artists, assistants, clothes, etc all too site.  It is always tempting to find remote, run-down venues but you may find that they prove to be unworkable on the day.  Lighting is an obvious fundamental element of photography but chances are power will be needed and that may prove to be a stumbling block on the day.

Finally, remember the law, don’t trespass – it never ends well.


If you would like to come onto a location based shoot then please contact Nick on 01245 494258 or email [email protected] – alternatively visit here for lifestyle based photography courses in Essex.

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