Stuck on Fully Automatic – time to move on!

Getting off fully automatic

At this time of year we receive lots of calls from photographers with new cameras who are a little unsure about how to get the most from them.  Typically new owners can be a little intimidated by their new kits whilst other may have tried a few different settings and end up reverting back to fully automatic.

It is a real waste, as modern digital cameras offer a whole world of creativity and the ability to catch wonderful images.  Fully automatic tends to have a number of pretty serious limitations including:

(1) Focusing upon the nearest object detected

(2) Firing the small top mounted flash resulting in horrible results

(3) Limiting the features of the camera you can change for creative results

Moving away from fully automatic may seem a little worrying if you don’t know what you are doing however it doesn’t have to be.  Start off by trying P mode or Programme.  In many ways it works a bit like fully automatic in that the camera will try to sort out the exposure (brightness) of the images for you but you can now take control of your focusing points to get the right objects in focus.

At Unshaken Photography we run courses for complete beginners as well as those looking to become professional photographers.  Our beginners course covers:

  • Fully automatic – its limitations and uses
  • Understanding the language – ISO, apertures, white balance, shutter speed
  • Being more creative – depth of field or blurring backgrounds
  • Capturing movement – animals, sport, children, flowers
  • Introduction to editing
stuck on auto
Beginners photography courses
beginners photography course
Delegates on our January 2014 course

shots of students-2


Our courses run with small class sizes  and can  lead on to further courses covering portraits, weddings, landscape and sport.  Check out our beginners courses at

Courses are run in Chelmsford, Essex, Cambridge, St Albans and Maidstone, Rochester, Kent

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