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Getting Off Auto

What a day we had today for our beginners digital photography course in Chelmsford, Essex.  Finally after days of rain the sun came out and it felt like a proper weekend.  We had bought in all the essential supplies for a course – doughnuts, biscuits, tea, coffee and crisps whilst the delegates turned up keen and ready!  It doesn’t get better than that.

We always quickly get into our introductions as starting out on a new course is always a nervous experience as delegates worry that they may be out of their depth or struggle with the content but we run our photography courses with really small class sizes and like to chat to delegates in advance to ensure everyone on the courses is at the same level.  Intro’s over we were able to get straight into working our way around the cameras and their key settings.

Modern digital cameras are so good that our job is really to simplify the terminology that photographers like to use and get over the key techniques in an easily understood fashion – the cameras do the rest!

After a little lunch we popped outside to grab a few shots – work on the techniques and enjoy the weather.  We run our courses from the County ground in Chelmsford,Essex as it is central and the parking is good – we don’t travel far on the first day of our beginners programme but day two we go to a whole range of locations to build up the skills and confidence of the delegates.

All in all a great day – some delighted photographers – hopefully enthused to go out and take some great shots!


Beginners photography course in Chelmsford close up photography Nikon vs Canon learn how to use your DSLR Happy snappers


If you would like to develop your photography skills either as a complete beginner or to move onto portrait photography then please visit or call Nick on 01245 494258.  Courses are run in the South-East in small groups or 1:1’s.

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