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Whenever I run a beginners photography course (I did one yesterday actually) I never fail to be amazed at how much a beginners photography can move forward when they are shown just a few fundamentals. Photography is really not that complicated a subject – many people like making it complicated (not for bad reasons I believe but because they enjoy the technical side of photography) and often new photographers sometimes feel they have to go through some pain in-order to become a real photographer but it really isn’t the case.


As I look forward to the second module of our beginners photography course that I am running today in St Albans I thought it would be nice to share just a few random pictures that some complete novices have taken over the past few courses and I think the diversity shows just how quickly your photography can progress. All of the photographs were taken by students on the second day of our beginners photography courses.



Beginners photography course


St Albans photography course


Kent beginners photography class


Now I can’t be held responsible for peoples taste in images but I have to say that I enjoy seeing the different ways in which people are drawn to shooting different objects. If you are starting out in photography then make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to shoot and don’t forget that you need to save some time for editing as well (forget Photoshop to start with and have a look at Adobe Lightroom) – don’t go booking yourself onto a long Photoshop course instead start off by looking at loads and loads of images and start identifying images that you like and try to identify what the photographers have done in editing to create those effects. For example are the colours really rich or maybe the images lack dark shadows and have a smoother more relaxed appearance. Once you have spotted a few key observations then that is the time to jump onto your computer and have a go trying to recreate those effects.


starting out in photography


learn photography


If you are new to photography then forget about trying to jump straight to manual mode (we rarely need to shoot in manual these days as the cameras are so good) but instead move away from fully automatic and try to work your way around ‘P’ or ‘Programme’ mode – it works a bit like fully automatic only you can make a few changes to the set-up. Try to find out a little about ISO and how to change your focusing points to centre point only (I will write a blog next month on this if you are struggling – if you can’t wait email [email protected] and I shall send you out some details).


Shallow depth of field


If you are interested in learning more about photography, want to create images like those above or simply want to get the most from your camera then why not pop along to one of our beginners photography courses that we run in Chelmsford,, Maidstone and St Albans. For more information email [email protected] or call 01245 494258

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