Introduction to digital photography

Introduction to digital photography

Taking control and becoming creative

Introduction to digital photography courseIntroduction to digital photography classes

You may be completely new to digital photography or  fed up with using your camera on fully automatic modes. Either way Unshaken Photography can help you to take better and more exciting photographs through our introduction to digital photography programme.

Our programme consists of two one-day modules – part one introduces you to the full capabilities of your camera whilst part two focuses upon developing a more creative photographic approach. You can choose to attend just one of the days or alternatively to really progress book on both days (if you wish to book both days, please call 01245 494258 to book both days and save £30 of the total price).

Module 1 – Introduction to Digital Photography

This fun and informative, hands-on one day photography course introduces you to the exciting world of digital photography. Having a great camera is only a small part of taking good pictures and by the end of this photography training course you will have practised many techniques to improve the quality of your pictures.

During this course we simplify the technical terms you may already have heard of before exploring photography composition, equipment and technique. The afternoon is spent practising our new found skills and then looking at downloading your images & computer editing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Workshop Itinerary

  • Introduction to digital photography
  • ISO, white balance & exposure
  • Modes: automatic, aperture, shutter & programme
  • ‘Depth of field’ – learn how to blur backgrounds
  • Equipment overview – lenses, cameras, flashes
  • Composition introduction
  • Adobe Lightroom and Photohop workflow overview

Like all of our digital photography workshops, this training course runs with small class sizes to ensure that delegates receive the very best tutoring in a friendly atmosphere. Whether you are looking to take family shots or to pursue a career in photography then this is the perfect starting point.

If you would like to attend the module ‘Introduction to digital photography’ on its own then please select the most appropriate date from the box below – if you wish to get the discount for booking both modules please call Nick on 01245 494258

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