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Professional Photographer – the value of a great team

Working with a Professional Team

The more time I spend surrounded by photography the more I recognise the need to have a great team around me.  When you start out in photography it can be a scary place as there is so much to learn and the chances are you will be working for yourself so you need to quickly learn how to run a business.  It is very easy to become focused upon all of the activities you need to undertake and work so hard at achieving a variety of roles that you take too much on yourself.

You need to recognise early the value of calling on other for help and to create a great team around you – intact you need a number of teams around you depending upon the task in-hand and the genre of photography.

If you are running your own business then it is great to get some external expertise and views – try joining a number of local networking groups such as BNI (Business Network International) and Chambers of Commerce.  For one you won’t feel alone and secondly you will become inspired by the activities and endeavour of others.

If becoming a wedding photographer then find yourself a second shooter  so you have backup on the day and also you can share out the workload.  Agree on the roles you will performing advance and ensure you align the time on your cameras (not much worth than processing images set up to the wrong time).

For portraits and fashion find yourself a great make-up artist (MUA), retoucher, stylist and hair dresser.   You can collaborate to develop creative ideas and help find each other work.  You need to find time for collaborative projects in your schedule to develop your skills and if working with others you will find yourself less likely to cancel days and take on extra work.

Fashion shoot - charli

MUA: Charli Bignall

Model: Tatjana

Finally I would suggest finding yourself some great models of differing skill levels.  You need to keep shooting, developing your skills and trying new techniques.  Models of different styles bring challenges but can teach you so much.  With new models you may be able to find yourself a muse to work with and collaborate on projects.

If possible try to find another photographer to work with when booking models to share costs and push each other creatively.  Additionally you can share kit, share efforts and experiment – priceless.

If you are a new photographer or looking to develop your skills visit or call Nick on 01245 494258

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