Essex portrait photography course

Portrait photography course in Chelmsford, Essex

Being able to capture beautiful images of family, friends or clients is a real dream and yet it really isn’t that difficult.  I had the pleasure of showing a small group of photographers how to take some great people images from a small mobile studio set-up from an empty room in Chelmsford, Essex.

Portrait photography course

During the course of the day we looked at the equipment required, basic lighting set-ups, posing, editing and styling.  Working with flash is not complicated and yet it scares many people who seem to think that it is beyond their abilities, scary and expensive.  I would urge anyone with an interest in photography to give it a go – if you fancy learning with us take a look at our introduction to portrait and lighting course which we run in Chelmsford, Cambridge and Maidstone.


Our portrait photography course is perfect if you are wanting to take better people photographs for a hobby or career – run with small groups you will have plenty of time to shoot and build a great portfolio.

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