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Essential photography products and suppliers for new photographers


As a new photographer it is very easy to be overwhelmed by the vast array of equipment, application and suppliers out there in the market place. We have all been there and in many ways this feeling doesn’t leave as new products and suppliers are always entering the market. Having said that there are a few essentials that all photographers should investigate and I recommend utilise.


As a working full time photographer I would only recommend products and services that I truly believe work and that is what I try to maintain on this page – please do note though that we are affiliates for a number of the suppliers on this page and we receive payment if you sign-up through the links below – this is not the reason that we share this information but I think it is important that you are aware.


Editing Software


Without doubt the most import tool in the photographers IT arsenal is their post production software and without doubt I strongly recommend Adobe Lightroom – for many years it was the professional photographers secret weapon but is now used by millions of photographers around the world both pro and amateur – it is quick, simple and easy – the results are simply stunning.

Adobe offer a great deal where you get the full versions of Photoshop and Lightroom as well as the tablet version of Lightroom. You pay a monthly fee for the licence and will continue to get updates so that you don’t have to purchase an annual upgrade. It is a killer tool – to get up and started follow the link below to create an account and then get up and running. if you then follow this link we show you how to get going with the software on a short tutorial.


Use the link below to sign-up for Adobe Lightroom as part of Adobes Creative Cloud Package.


Website creation

As a photographer it is essential that you have a great website – one that looks great, provides your clients with the right information and is great on desk top and mobile platforms. I use two primary website providers – WordPress and Photoshelter.


WordPress is a fabulous piece of open source software that costs you nothing and is loved by Google – it is not super simple to get up and running but will meet all of your needs.


Photoshelter is an amazing platform to show off your work, it is simple, quick to get up and running and looks great. Photoshelter offers great templates and storage of your images – highly recommended.: Join up to Photoshelter here



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