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Cambridge Beginners Photography Course

At the weekend we ran our introduction to digital photography course in Cambridge with a group of new photographers. Your modern digital camera can be a scary looking beast when you start out and most new snappers are worried that they are doing things “wrong”. There really is no right or wrong when starting out you need to find out what works best for you. It is a bit like choosing a camera – I am always asked “what is the best camera” or “what should I buy?” Its actually a fairly simple decision – work out your budget and then consider the types of photography you are interested in. After that give a little thought to how much kit you want to carry. Some people love kit and there is nothing wrong in buying lots of goodies if you can afford it, on the other hand you can take plenty of great shots with very little kit thats not to say you shouldn’t spoil yourself if you are able to – make up your own mind.

We had a great group of new photographers on Saturday – a really nice blend of complete novices and those who had done a little reading around and tried playing with mixed results so wanted to come along and build up their confidence. We run our beginners classes in Cambridge from the central library which is a great location and provides us with plenty of scope to get out and about.

We popped out in the afternoon to the local park to work on a few core skills and grab a few shots.

Cambridge beginners photography course

St Albans January 2014-4-2

St Albans January 2014-5-2

St Albans January 2014-6-2

St Albans January 2014-6


We had a play around with blurring backgrounds, dealing with moving objects and an introduction to some editing skills.  All in all a great day and ready for the follow up course of advanced photography training.

We run our photography courses in Cambridge most months of the year and more details can be found at

Our courses are short one day modules which offers an alternative to longer adult education programmes in Cambridge.


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