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Lifestyle portrait shoot – portrait photography course – Essex

Lifestyle portrait photography shoot in Chelmsford, Essex

We had the please of working with one of our favourite models today – Cody.  As always Cody was super professional, working really well with our budding new photographers helping them to develop a great portfolio and master new skills.  Starting to take great portraits can actually be rather daunting when you first set out so we always try to pick our models carefully to give new photographers a great day.  Here are a few shots taken of Cody today.Lifestyle portrait photography course - Chelmsford, Essex


Professional portrait photography course - Chelmsford, Essex


When starting out in photography it is essential that you work on developing a professional portfolio, one that you can show to your clients and demonstrates your skill and style of work.  I always recommend to new photographers that there is a really good balance to be had between working with professional models who are always going to look great in  your images and run through a range of poses as well as working with ‘portrait novices’ such as family and friends so that you get use to working with the general public and those people who require guidance in posing.  Check out social media sites such as Purpleport and Model Mayhem to get in contact with professional models but make sure that you understand fully the rates of the models you are going to work with (likely to be £20-£50 / hour – minimum 3 hours) and don’t forget to check travel fees too.

location portrait photography course

Another essential aspect of developing your skill and value as a professional lifestyle photographer is to start identifying great locations that you can take your clients to.  I am always looking for beautiful clear backgrounds with minimal number of distractions.  Get out and about as much as possible and make notes on the places that you visit and don’t forget to check them out at different times of the day to see how busy they get – many a beautiful background has been ruined by a influx of passers by.

If you are looking to get into portrait photography and become a professional photographer or simply want to take better lifestyle portraits of your family why not come along in the new year to one of our lifestyle portrait courses – visit here for more information and to book.


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