Landscape Photography Training Day

Capturing the beauty of a garden through Photography

What a day to be out shooting a garden we had on Monday. The sun was shining but we had some great skies to play with – and thats the key for me. I think a great landscape shot can be made or broken by some stunning cloud formations and we were spoilt.

If I can offer any advice on capturing a lovely landscape shot it would be to look up and make sure that you expose the shot to capture as much detail as possible in the sky – in fact many of the shots we took on Monday were so under exposed you would be shocked by Lightroom is a wonderful gift for us photographers.

Take a look at the vide is you want to see some more images like the ones below – we played around with some Lee filters to capture the skies but also used plenty of exposure compensation so that we could compare results.

Hyde Hall Landscape

All of the images were handheld rather than using a tripod (although I was lugging mine around for some reason) and then run through Lightroom – we were going for dramatic rather than natural so over cooked them somewhat but why not hey?

If you are looking for any photography help on portraits, landscapes, sport or weddings then please get in touch at or give Nick a call on 01245 494258 – it would be great to chat, Nick.

(courses can be run in Essex, Kent, Cambridge, Herts or further afield – thats the beauty of landscapes after all)

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