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January and February are the times when I get more blank faces staring at me than any other times of the year.  Our courses are jam packed with delegates fully equipped with shiny new gadgets and a couple of headaches.

Getting that new piece of kit can be very exciting but also a little daunting so our course bulge with eager minds and willing hearts.  I enjoy this time of year enormously as we are helping so many people on their wonderful journey of discovery – Photography, a trip that goes on and on.

Beginners photography course run in Chelmsford, Essex


For some of our delegates photography is about catching and recording these precious life moments, it may be a family gathering, babies first steps or a once in a lifetime trip.  For others our courses are the beginning of a new and exciting career, either way our courses are full of  excitement and I guess at the beginning a little nervousness.

Whenever you go on any kind of training course there is always that fear that everyone else will know more than you or that you are in over your head.  Don’t fear if you are due to come along soon as we run our courses with very small groups and make sure that everyone is at the same kind of level before they come along.

beginners photography course (2 of 23)

 beginners photography course

Having run a couple of photography courses in Chelmsford, Essex and Rochester, Kent I though I would share a few images taken by the delegates to show off some of their new found skills and a short video – let me know your thoughts.

photography course in essex
photography course in essex


If you or a friend is looking for a beginners photography course in St Albans, Hertsfordshire, Chelmsford, Essex, Rochester, Kent or Cambridge please give me a call on 078 666 78 688 or email [email protected]

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