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Becoming a commercial photographer

Without doubt the majority of photographers who come to train with us at Unshaken Photography and are considering a career behind the lens are looking towards focusing upon portrait and wedding photography. It is a fair enough consideration as it appears to be a great industry to work in and one that fits nicely around your family commitments. However many photographers are actually missing a trick by failing to consider commercial photography as an option but actually pays very well.

Commercial photography these days covers a broad spectrum of disciplines including products, services, portraits, locations and events and therefore offers great variety to your working life. I would admit that I don’t find product photography the most exciting and I rarely leap out of bed knowing that I may be spending the day shooting hundreds of products in a white light box however that is the nature of work and all jobs have a down side. On the other hand learning about a new industry is something that I am always interested in and the opportunity to go behind the scenes in a company is a real joy.

If you undertake commercial photography to get to work with a range of different scale companies all of which are looking for new imagery. Over the past couple of years Google has constantly been tweaking its algorithms as it aims to produce the best results for its clients. Less emphasis has been placed on link building in a shift towards the provision of new fresh high quality content which includes images. Twitter now shows all images and a recent survey shows that tweets with images receives over 60% more attention – content is king and images are content. The demand for good quality images continues to grow and this works great for photographers.

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Commercial photography

How to become a commercial photographer

Stop for a moment and think about your family and friends then their family and friends – the chances are you know someone who runs their own small business. Take a look at their website and review the images. Again the chances are that the images are sorely lacking and this gives you an opportunity to come up with some good ideas for a few projects that you could undertake for them. Try to find out a little about their competitors and take note of the type of images that they use and put together a small presentation which shows the quality of the images the competition is using. This simple little tool should be more than enough to get your foot in the door. You may even offer to undertake an initial shoot at a heavily discounted price as long as the client will help promote your work – the beauty of commercial work is that it is often repeated and you can build a long term client base.

It is easy to sell to companies as all of the following arguments hold true:

Good quality images help to sell companies
Good quality images help to sell products and services
Good quality images allow for better looking marketing materials
Good quality images offers more opportunities for marketing

If the competition is using better images then your prospective client is losing sales – if you can produce a presentation comparing your clients existing images against their competition then a sale is pretty straight forward.

commercial photography

The downside of commercial photography is that it tends to happen mid-week. needs preparation, an insight into the industry and often a good lead so start by looking at family and friends before looking further afield. Morning breakfast clubs offer a great opportunity to meet local businesses and don’t forget to look at clubs that family and friends may attend – they agin can be a rich source of opportunity.

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