Getting off auto and taking beautiful landscape photographs

One of my favourite training days is when I get to work with someone out and about at beautiful locations and we capture the scenery around us. There is something special about taking beautiful landscapes and for me I love to take great flower photographs.

Having spent quite a number of years as a garden designer I am fascinated by plants, their lifecycle, impact on humans and simply their beauty. It is not just about their flowers for me, I enjoy the seed heads they produce, the stems they grow on and how they change during the seasons.

Going out with a fellow photographer to teach them about their camera and enjoy nature is never hard work. Over the past couple of year my students have captured a broad range of landscape and flower images some of which I have put together on this page.

Everyone shoots is a different way and sees the world from a unique perspective so I come away from every landscape course with new ideas (often that I borrow and share). Each shoot is different as I tend to run my landscape photography course on a 1:1 basis where we look at the technical controls such as ISO, apertures and shutter speeds before looking at the more creative features such as controlling how we blur out backgrounds or capture movement. Depending upon how much someone might know about their camera I adjust the day to suit so for some people we start from scratch whilst for others we can dive in to some of the more advanced features.

As I run my course from RHS Hyde Hall in Chelmsford I always look forward to covering some editing techniques on Lightroom and Photoshop and this we do from the comfort of the wonderful coffee shops on site – if you haven’t been you really need to.

If you fancy coming along to a landscape photography course, then please get in touch, they offer a great location based alternative to our beginners photography courses.

I can schedule Landscape photography lessons at Hyde Hall on a 1:1 basis, simple call Nick on 07866678688 or email me on [email protected] to arrange a session.

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