Becoming a professional commercial photographer

How to become a pro photographer

I am often amazed when talking to new prospective photographers that they always seem to have the same vision in mind – to become a portrait and wedding photographer. Now there is nothing wrong with this as a concept however there are so many markets that a photographer can work in that sometimes the most obvious solutions get overlooked or not even considered.

Commercial photography is not an obvious choice for many new snappers – often when I suggest it to my delegates they seem a little taken back and are not always that enthusiastic however the genre offers plenty of scope to help get you up and running and as the economy appears to be picking up the opportunities are going to grow.

This week alone I have been shooting some beer shots for a new client and then working on a kit launch for another – there is so much variety out there that even someone with my limited attention span can become super embroiled.

commercial photography courses

Greg Beer 2014-11

Greg Beer 2014-18

If you are starting out in photography or looking to make a career take a good look around you at companies that your family and friends run or better yet take a look at your local high street shops websites and you will quickly spot plenty of poor images that you can improve upon. Why not join your local networking groups such as BNI and you will find plenty of prospective clients – better still they will be happy to promote your services so you find even more work.

here at Unshaken Photography training we offer commercial photography training courses to help you shoot products, events and services which helps you to provide a more rounded service and spread your product offerings which in turn reduces risk. If you need any help why not visit us at

A great knock on effect of commercial photography is that you may get a few free samples such as the beer I shot this week – can’t be bad! 😉

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