backing up data

Backing up data – Guide for Photographers and recommendation of company

How to back up your data & hard drive – recommendations for photographers


In this post we look at :


  • What happens to a photographer if a hard drive fails and needs recovery
  • Insurance issues of recovering data
  • Cloud backup vs hard solutions
  • Recommended back up solutions for photographers
  • Hard drive recommendations
  • A recommended recovery company (no bias this is based on a actual case that happened to us)


I recently had the misfortune of one of my external hard drives fail on me (to be honest it had been moved) but I ended up with the killer ticking sound of doom and my Mac failing to recognise the presence of the drive. My first thought was obviously to check out my backup system which is cloud based (or rather was!). Unfortunately my cloud provider had changed their annual subscription process so that you had to manually go and select which external hard drives you wanted to backup rather than just automatically rolling with the previous years choices. This meant that my external hard drives were in fact not being backed up atall – basically I had data on a hard drive without a backup.


I decided to look around at companies that could recover the data and was astounded at the costs involved – anything from £300 for them to simply look at the drive through to potential recover costs of £1800 all plus VAT. At this point I went to my insurance company who informed me they could help as long as I had backed up the data within the past seven days which rather negated my need to call them so not much help there. I actually pay a considerable sum for my insurance each year (approx. £700) so found this rather disappointing.


In the end I went with an external company who collected my drive, checked the drive without charging, recovered the data and returned the data on a new hard drive all for under £400 inclusive – check out this video for more info.



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