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Add a little texture to your photographs – Great Photoshop Tip

Trying adding some depth to your images with a little texture overlay

Everyone knows that I am a BIG Lightroom fan, I love the tool and it has helped to transform the way that I have worked over the past few years. Having said that Photoshop is a killer tool, I wish I was better at it and knew more of its tools as it would add even more to my arsenal of photographic tools yet time is always against me. One tip though that I think is well worth sharing and playing with is the application of a textural layer over the top of your images and then reducing the opacity of the textural layer so that you end up with images with impact.

here are a couple of examples from a recent shoot with some of the players from Essex County Cricket Club.

Adding texture to images - Photoshop

Jamie Porter of Essex County Cricket Club

Ravi Bopara - Essex County Cricket Club and England
Ravi Bopara of Essex County Cricket Club and England

I have tried to play with a couple of different textural overlays to provide a variety of finishes.  You can take your own photographs of different textures or download some from the internet there are plenty of free sites for you to choose from – check out texture sites for some good starting points.


have a play and let me know how you get on.  if you want to learn how to take some great portraits then why not come along to one of our portrait photography courses.  Call Nick on 01245 494258 or email [email protected]

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